A Year Ago.....

I decided that I should write this morning's post because I'm not sure that Christian has it in him.   

For those of you that are new friends of the band, you've heard us talk (and sing) affectionately, about our friend Ron Rotelli.
Ron founded FunZaLuv with Christian back in 2005 and was taken from us, unexpectedly, a year ago.   Christian and Ron were an inseperable and unstoppable tandem.   Not because together they formed the most talented musical duo since Simon and Garfunkel but because they formed the most INCLUSIVE musical act since the E Street Band.   FunZaLuv has always been about far more than the two people standing on stage, but the 200 (or more) standing around them.   That's the way Ronnie built it.   That's the way Ronnie wanted it.   That's why YOU became a follower, a fan, a friend.

Ron is remembered as much for his hugs as his vocals.
He left behind a fantastic family and an inescapable legacy.

I was going to share the story here about how we decided to continue the good work that Ron started.   But I just deleted the entire paragraph.  Because that makes it about us.   Not about Ron.  Instead, I'll just share this.  

Its not always easy to walk in the footsteps of great men.   Its something that I thought long and hard about before agreeing with Christian to join FunZaLuv.
At one point, I objected and said to Christian - "this is Ronnie's band".    Christian responded, "according to Ronnie, you're already in the band".

Aren't we all?   And isn't that the way Ronnie wanted it?  

Miss you, Ron.


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