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FunZaLuv is a duo with a surprising full band sound. FunZaLuv focuses on creating a musical experience that is unique, entertaining and memorable for every audience. With a broad variety of music and an emphasis on audience participation,FunZaLuv creates a high-energy party atmosphere that is the perfect fit for venues, events, and audiences of all types.

 FunZaLuv was formed in 2006 by Christian, founding member of the band Split Decision, and Ron Rotelli of -most notably- Powder, Fear of Flying, and The Chase.   FunZaLuv has reached incredible heights, playing countless venues for an ever-growing fan base known affectionately as the "FZL Army".  In 2011, FZL was selected as one of the top five bands in Philly on the Philly HotList.   There were over 80 bands ranked!   In 08/2012, Ron Rotelli passed away suddenly and the Philadelphia music scene lost an incredible talent.  Talented musicians such as Scott Kinka, Tony Costello, Kevin Eppler, and Matt Harnett have played in FunZaLuv.  

In 05/2022, FunZaluv was joined by Wade Birchfield.    Like Christian, Wade was formerly with Split Decision.   He is an accomplished solo artist (keyboard) .  Wade is an electric entertainer and musician.  He is thrilled and excited to be a part of the FZL Army! 

For special events, weddings, and private parties, FunZaLuv will sometimes incorporate the OG Split Horns.   The OG Split Horns, formerly the Split Decision horn section, consists of seasoned players and entertainers.  They add incredible flavor to an already awesome line up!   



Christian and Wade have performed for countless venues including night clubs, taverns, country clubs, special events and private affairs throughout PA, NJ, DE, and MD. Both members possess years of experience entertaining live audiences and an unwavering passion for music and performing. 

Both are lead vocalists who have been singing as long as they can remember. In addition to voice, the instruments that each play include guitar, piano, bass, harmonica, and various percussion instruments.

(*OG Split Horn section available for special events!)


 FunZaLuv's musical repertoire is comprised of a broad range of styles and genres from folk to rock, from soul to funk and everything in between. With the ability to perform as simple acoustic duo, a traditional Irish act, a dance band, or hard rock band, FunZaLuv has the necessary versatility essential to entertaining a broad audience base. FunZaLuv utilizes the latest musical technology to turn a duo into the sound of a full band. This serves as a great advantage for many venues asFunZaLuv is able to create the sound and feel of any size band and every type of instrumentation. All instrumentation and vocals performed are created from scratch by FZL exclusively, no outside sources are used. So the band you hear is all FunZaLuv!




This is how we do it...

Crit and Roo

Ron Rotelli

Christian and Scott (1991)