Blog - FZL in 2017!

Wow!     What an AWESOME Summer!    A great big "Thank you" to Jimmy Bennett from LaCosta for helping us to meet some awesome friends and create incredible memories!   FZL's newest member Kevin Eppler has hit the ground running and is an "FZL Fan Favorite"!!!      (GREAT work Kev!)

This Fall is packed with some awesome gigs at Mollys, DaVinci's, Duffers, MaGerk's, Lo-Lo, West End, Champs . . .   Sprinkle in a bunch of weddings and private parties and of course, New Year's at Molly's!    Yep . . .      FZL is ready for a rockin' fall of 2017!!

We wanna hear from you!  What new tunes do you wanna hear?    What new clubs do you want us to add in 2018? What is your favorite color?      :-)